2029 P ST NW, WASHINGTON, DC  20036
PHONE - 202.822.6200



Stephen Colter  
1 out of ten Yaawps

Bathroom uses only one-ply toilet paper, so I would skip it, particularly if your only intention upon entering the Zeke's DC Donutz is cause you gotta pee.  If you absolutely need to buy a donut before going to the bathroom (#1 or #2), I would buy it, exit the shop, then use the bathroom upstairs at Obelisk.  I can confirm right now that they not only supply triple ply up there, but their paper towels are more like fancy napkins, and are placed in a wicker basket.  Wicker!!


Mark Alarie 
-7 out of 5 Yaawps

I graduated from Duke University in 1987.  I worked at the dining hall for three years as part of a work-study package of financial aid I received.  Krispy Kreme had a concession to sell their probably Marxist doughnuts. Three passions of mine are interior design, disco and desserts.  So when I heard about Zeke's DC Donutz opening up, I knew I had to check it out.


Read just a few of my blog posts, and you will know that I try to look for the good in a place, even if it does not meet my expectations.  Even if the food doesn't thrill me, I wIll find a silver lining- were the sugar packets easily stolen? There's a yaawp right there.  Did the manager comp me an appetizer when I showed him my laminated Food Blogger Association membership card? Two more yaawps it is. Did the napkin holder fit easily into my backpack?  Three yaawps, my friend.


This is all to say that when I give Zeke's DC Donutz a negative seven yaawps, I do not do so lightly.


Let's start with decor:

*The walls have been vandalized, albeit colorfuly- minus 2 yaawps.


*The door slams behind you when you enter- minus 1 yaawp. 


The chalkboard sign above the register is illegible- minus 1 yaawp.


And now the food.  They do not serve a shrimp scampi donut.  The management were almost combative when I pressed them further; they gave no adequate explanation. Minus 4 yaawps.


There was one plus: I can't agree with one of the reviews I read about the one-ply situation in the bathroom.  One-ply is more eco-friendly.  Plus 1 yaawp.


By my count that is -7 yaawps.

Rodney Strickland
out of 2 Yaawps

When I order three dozen donuts for lunch, I expect to get at least a few extras thrown in at no cost.  Zeke's DC Donutz has got to learn how to treat the customer right.  Let's do the math here.  On their chalkboard it says one dozen donuts costs $54.99, which is slightly cheaper than $55.00. Okay, fair enough.

Guess how much two dozen cost: $110.99. $110.99?! That's slightly more than two individual dozens bought separately. No bulk discount, but not enough to sweat.

But here is where it goes off the rails.  Three dozen donuts at Zeke's DC Donutz cost (per the chalkboard) $436.00.  This does not compute.

I asked to speak with the manager, he was escorted to the front by two po po.  When I asked how much 36 individual donuts would cost me, he looked at the cops, paused and then looked at the chalkboard.  He couldn't find it there, and said he would have to crunch the numbers.  But when I pressed him for a ballpark figure, he said somewhere "south of $20 bucks." I am f******** confused, Zeke's DC Donutz, just flat out confused.